USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a GSM service from Parallex Bank that allows high speed interactive communication between the subscribers and applications across a GSM network.
USSD is Parallex Bank's new Mobile Banking Service which allows you to access your bank account from any GSM handset. It is the simplest and fastest form of mobile banking. It is menu-driven and interactive service. It is session-oriented service.
No. You can access USSD service by dialing *322*318# and a secured session will commence.
* Works without Internet. * Accessible through a common code *322*318# across all networks. * Works across all GSM service providers and mobile handsets. * Round the clock availability to customers (works even on holidays). * No need to install any application on mobile handset to use the service. * Additional channel for banking services and key catalyst for financial inclusion.
You simply need to follow the easy registration and activation steps in order to start banking using USSD. To get started with the Mobile Banking Registration, dial *322*318# and follow the prompt to confirm your registration, enter password and your Parallex Account Number respectively.
Dial *322*318*amount# for Self Airtime Recharge. Dial *322*318*phone number*amount# for Airtime Top up for others. Dial *322*318*{biller code}*{amount} # for Bills payment. Dial *322*318*00# for Balance Enquiry. Dial *322*318*{Account Number}*{amount} # for Transfers.
Parallex Bank USSD is secured and enables a more convenient and speedy way to transact using mobile phone while on the move. USSD service can only be accessed via an M-PIN and registered handset with the bank.
Transaction can only be conducted after entry of correct PIN and PINS are not stored on the handset. If PIN is entered incorrectly 3 times, access to USSD service will be disabled and you will need to consult the bank for unblocking and resetting of PIN.
If the session has been inactive for over 3 minutes, USSD session will be logged off automatically.
If the mobile handset is stolen/misplaced, service can be blocked through Contact center, simply send a mail to with your details.
No, you will have to register and activate in order to start using USSD Mobile Banking.
No, services of current Mobile banking service will continue.
Yes, there is separate PIN for login and transaction. Transaction PIN is applicable only for transactional based options (e.g. Transfers, Payments, Requests, etc.). You can set the PIN while registering and use it after activating USSD service.
You can block access to USSD service by contacting us on with your details.
You can reset PIN for unblocking USSD service by sending emails to with your details.
You need to update your new mobile number in the Bank's records and need to re-register to avail the service. You can visit any of our branches to update your mobile number.
* Self-Airtime Recharge, * Top up for others, * Bills Payment (Church pay, DSTV, PHCN), * Card Balance Inquiry Account, * Transfers
Credit are instant for the all payments.