Corporate Pay

CorporatePay allows Private Organizations and Government Agencies to automatically handle payments of salaries and payment to third parties (contractor, supplier, tenured workers) with the various levels of authorizations and approvals incorporated into the payment process.

CorporatePay incorporates a One-to-Many Payment and a Many-to-One payment scheme. In the One-to-Many scheme the company is the one making the payment, the many is the List of people (Staff, contractor's suppliers etc) to pay. With the scheme, the company can automate payment to all staff at the click of a button; all payments are reconciled real time into the appropriate beneficiary’s accounts.

On the CorporatePay platform payments can also be received from various sources all at one sweep. This is the Many-to-One scheme. In this case, a corporate entity can decide to pay utility bills, let say Telco usage bill. Payment can be automated for all the concerned staff (Many), to the Merchant (Telco Entity) account.

All payments on the CorporatePay platform are real-time and online without the use of cheque and cash. For both scheme payments on the CorporatePay platform, an audit trail with comprehensive reporting facility that the system provides furnishes Organizations/Government Agencies with requisite information required for confirmation and reconciliation purposes.


Transfers are online real time.
19 commercial banks available on the platform.
Transfers to Parallex bank also available on the application.
Transfers to Nouveau mobile or Pocketmoni mobile wallets available.
Card load charges also apply.
E-mail alerts available for transactions done.
SMS alerts available for transfers done.

Security Features

Transactions can be reviewed before authorization.
Authorization requires a pin for all request processed.
The portal uses pre defined user name and password to permit login.